1 Podcast Pt2 July 2023 Maike Coppens, Hans Van Dam, Kane Simms, Rebekah Evanhoe

The Evolution of Conversation Design in the ChatGPT Era Part 2 – Voicebot Podcast Ep 338

How are ChatGPT and the rise of large language models impacting conversation designs and designers? Today, in Part 2 of our series on conversation design in collaboration with the Unparsed Conference, we have four more experts weighing in on how the profession is changing and what designers should consider and do about it. Joining me for a series of one-on-one interviews are:

  • Maaike Coppens is vice president of product at OpenDialog AI, where she started as head of UX and conversation design in 2020. She was a product designer at XAPPMedia, labworks.io, and Smartly Ai. She was also a UX consultant at Applause. Maaike was my guest on episode 284 of the Voicebot Podcast in 2022.
  • Rebecca Evanhoe is the co-author of the popular book Conversations with Things: UX Design for Chat and Voice published by Rosenfeld Media. She is a visiting assistant professor at the Pratt Institute in New York, where she teaches a graduate course in conversational UX design, was a conversation design consultant for AWS, a voice user interface designer at Mobiquity, and a writing instructor at the University of Florida. She and her co-author Diana Diebel were my guests on episode 220 in 2021.
  • Kane Simms – is the founder of VUX World and a co-organizer of the Unparsed conference. VUX World is a strategic consultancy focused on conversational user experiences and is also the name of a popular podcast on practical conversational AI topics. Kane has a long history of work in technology transformation and as a writer before moving into conversation design. He was my guest in episode 178 in 2020.
  • Hans Van Dam – is the CEO of the Conversation Design Institute and a co-founder and board member of the conversation design consultancy CDI Services. He is also a research fellow at RMIT University. Hans joined me on the podcast for episode 192 in 2021.

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The Evolutions of Conversation Design Show Notes – Coppens, Evanhoe, Simms, Van Dam






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