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Wix Introduces ‘Text-to-Website’ Generative AI Site Generator

Website building platform Wix has unveiled plans for its AI Site Generator that will leverage generative AI to produce an entire website from a written prompt. The new feature is part of Wix’s ongoing integration of generative AI tools, with several more to come.

Wix Text-to-Website

Wix users can employ the AI Site Generator by describing what they want the website to do and details about its design. The AI then processes the prompt to create all of the elements of a website, including a homepage and sub-pages, text and images for each page, and even e-commerce and appointment booking tools. Wix sees retail businesses, event spaces, restaurants, and other enterprises using its generative AI to build their website. Wix’s Site Generator is also bolstered by a collection of generative AI tools for adjusting and editing the new website.

Wix already offers several generative AI tools to boost the website generator. The company began with its AI Text Creator to write content for websites based on a user’s response to questions crafted by Wix as prompts. There’s also a synthetic text generator for making templates, writing product descriptions and recommendations, and picking a domain name. Wix has also embedded synthetic image and video generators, including a feature that will condense a video into a trailer for itself.

“We are fully committed to bringing our users fully-integrated innovations, such as the AI Site Generator, that have excellent user experiences to ultimately drive forward the next generation of website creation,” Wix CEO Avishai Abrahami said. “These new tools leverage the strength and dedication of our Data Science team, who have been leaders in integrating the power of AI and delivering it directly to Wix users. We’re on the edge of something truly amazing, and we will keep advancing our offerings as AI technology progresses to enable users to grow their businesses and have success with more efficiency and creativity than ever before.”

The AI Site Generator isn’t out yet, but Wix has plans beyond it and the existing tools. The website creator will be followed by a tool for extracting and editing objects from images, as well as a more narrowly tailored AI page and section creator to augment existing websites with new pages. Wix is also developing an AI business assistant to help strategize improvements based on analysis of the website trends.

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