Voicebot Sponsorships

Reach the largest and most influential audience focused on voice and AI technologies available today. Voicebot regularly reaches executives at global brands and enterprises, all roles within Amazon, Google, Samsung, Microsoft, and other platforms, voice developers, and voice industry professionals. Our sponsors tell us this audience reach offers tangible and direct benefits related to new business, influencing industry discussions, and growing their own contact databases. Existing sponsors get preference as new options become available, so try out one of the sponsorships today to be first in line going forward.

I feel like the advertising on your site has been effective and I also appreciate your attention to detail, not just in your work product, but in connecting me to various other people and taking the time to be a dot connector which escalates the value of marketing through your site quite a bit.

Bradley Metrock, Score Publishing. Sponsored the top banner on the website and banner in the weekly newsletter.

After sponsoring your podcast, I had fortune 500 brands reaching out to me directly. It got us into a sales cycle I would not have known about.

Voice Agency CEO. Sponsored Voicebot Podcast and ran a sidebar tile ad.

We had some quality sign-ups for our webinar come from the tile sponsorship .

Head of Product for a voice platform provider. Sponsored a sidebar tile ad and multiple email blasts.

Website Sponsorship Options

Top Banner // $500 per week

Audience Reach // ~60,000 uniques and 250K+ page views per month
[2-week Minimum // Pre-paid only // Preference given to 4-week orders]

We generally accept orders first-come-first-served but don’t confirm orders until an agreement is signed AND payment is received.

TOP SIDEBAR TILE // $300 per week

Audience Reach // ~50,000 uniques and 200K+ page views per month
[2-week Minimum // Pre-paid only // Preference given to 4-week or longer orders]


Weekly Distribution Sponsorships

Top Banner of Voicebot Weekly Email Newsletter // $400 per week

Audience Reach // 6,000 double opt-in recipients and growing
[2-week Minimum // Pre-paid only // Preference given to 4-week orders]

Voicebot Podcast Sponsor // $400 per week

Live read of promotion at the top of the show of at least one minute in length (can be longer) for the most listened-to podcast about Voice and AI
[2-week Minimum // Pre-paid only // Preference given to 4-week orders]


Monthly Sponsorships

Email Blast // $2,750

Audience Reach // 20,000+ recipients // Pre-paid only
[You provide the HTML or images, we approve the content and send, you get click-throughs]

Webinar // $6,500

[You develop the content, we market and host it, we share the emails of attendees, and publish a recording in our webinar library new viewer discovery]