Since 2016, Voicebot.ai has provided in-depth news coverage, data, and incisive analysis of the conversational AI, generative AI, and synthetic media industries. We provide depth, nuance, and fact-based analysis to keep you informed, give you an edge, and help you make better decisions.

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Our goal is to gather in one place the most important news, commentary, research, data, and analysis of conversational AI, generative AI, and synthetic media technology. While other publications will cover AI generally, our focus and depth have made Voicebot the most cited source for news, data, and trends in the industry. Bret Kinsella, Voicebot’s founder, has over 400 citations in Google Scholar, much of that from research produced by Voicebot. We are proud that so many academic researchers have benefitted from our primary research and market analysis.  The editorial decisions are solely the responsibility of the Voicebot team and do not necessarily reflect those of our partners, customers, or other organizations.

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