Fable Studio Launches Generative AI TV Show Production Platform for Custom Streaming Content

Generative AI video startup Fable Studio has debuted a new platform that offers users a chance to create custom animated television episodes. The new Showrunner service turns text prompts into animated shows, with adjustments and control over dialogue, characters, and scene composition.

Generative AI TV

The current Showrunner setup includes ten AI-generated shows spanning various genres and styles, showcasing the potential of generative AI in TV creation. Among these shows are the horror anime “Ikiru Shinu,” the anthology storytelling show “Sim Francisco,” and a satirical look at the life of smart devices called “Pixels.” The Showrunner platform is only a waitlist right now, but those interested can sign up for free. Fable Studio’s approach to content creation involves users generating episodes for the platform’s shows, with the best episodes being included in the official catalog. Winners will receive a lump-sum payment and revenue sharing if a streamer picks up their show.

“With Showrunner, you’ll be able to WATCH and DIRECT stories from Simulations like Sim Francisco or Neo-Tokyo or Fallen London. Run out of episodes of your favorite AI show? Generate another! Or let a simulation generate it for you based on its understanding of the characters,” the company explained in a thread on X (formerly Twitter). “Generating TV shows at home should be as simple as browsing Netflix. The Netflix of AI isn’t about passive entertainment: it’s two-way: Make and Watch. Who will make the best episodes of shows? A fan with no access to Hollywood or the creator of the show? Let’s find out!”

Fable Studio earned attention last year for its generative AI tech when it released a bunch of short, entirely AI-generated episodes of “South Park.” While some praised it as a technological breakthrough, others criticized it for its comedic shortcomings and expressed concerns about the potential displacement of human creators. Showrunner’s release comes amid increasing scrutiny and debate over the use of AI in creative fields. Last year, the entertainment industry faced dual strikes, and the use of AI emerged as a contentious issue. The introduction of Showrunner underscores the growing influence of AI in Hollywood and its potential to streamline production processes. However, it also raises ethical and legal questions regarding using copyrighted materials and the impact on the labor market. Fable’s generative AI model was trained on publicly available data to avoid some of those issues.

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