Google Codey

Google Rolls Out ‘Codey’ AI Coding Assistant

Google has begun rolling out a generative AI chatbot and other tools for its online coding test center Colab. Developers will be able to use the new Codey AI assistant based on Google’s new PaLM 2 large language model introduced at Google I/O last week.

Codey Coding

The new Codey family of models is set up to translate natural language descriptions into code that could then be deployed in a website or other software. It can also suggest how to finish a partially complete code line if the programmer is stumped. Along with the translation and completion, the new Codey chatbot brings a conversational approach to the coding AI. Codey, like several other Google AI projects unveiled at I/O, employs the new PaLM 2 LLM. PaLM 2 upgrades the earlier iteration released a few years ago. The latest edition is more powerful and flexible in its architecture and training, with Google describing PaLM 2 as particularly useful in scientific research and coding collaboration.

“Codey was fine-tuned on a large dataset of high quality, permissively licensed code from external sources to improve performance on coding tasks. Plus, the versions of Codey being used to power Colab have been customized especially for Python and for Colab-specific uses,” Google explained in its announcement. “Colab users in the United States will get first access to our Codey models inside Colab, which dramatically increase programming speed, quality, and comprehension. Our first features will focus on code generation.”

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