Wix Launches Generative AI Text Creator for Website Building

Website building platform Wix has introduced a generative AI text generator to produce website content using OpenAI’s GPT-3 large language model. The Wix AI Text Creator will write content for different aspects of a website based on a user’s response to questions crafted by Wix as prompts for the synthetic text generator.

Synthetic Wix Text

The generative AI assistant is built into the Wix Editor and is available to any Wix customer. When activated, the AI Text Creator asks about the kind of content desired, key points to include, the tone of the writing, and a variety of other elements to consider. Within a few seconds, the AI produces a range of possible paragraphs along with titles and taglines to accompany them. Wix envisions the AI tool streamlining and improving the process of writing website content of all kinds. The AI Text Creator is only in English at the moment, though more languages are in the pipeline, according to the company.

“Our deep understanding of website content like the right text length, important information to highlight and the proper tone, paired with GPT-3, provides users with unmatched text quality, which is key to having a professional website,” Wix Editor Platform and Wix Media Chairman Oded Nachshon said. “We look forward to continuing to utilize the latest AI technologies to optimize the website creation process for our users.”

Business Writing AI

Wix’s focus is website development, but employing GPT-3 and other LLMs to write business content is becoming a major theme in the generative AI space. For instance, Jasper’s new API and enterprise tools include AI-powered writing aid, while graphic design platform Canva is using GPT-3 for its Canva Docs AI writing assistant Magic Write. Enterprise generative text for marketing and other needs has attracted a lot of investment money for startups like Regie, ParagraphAI, Compose.ai, and  Copy.ai. As Voicebot founder Bret Kinsella pointed out in our Synthedia newsletter about Wix’s plan:

“These solutions have matured enough that they are generating good quality output, and integration to the large language model (LLM) services is relatively simple. As a result, it is easy for just about every provider to add a generative AI feature to provide more value to their users. It appears that these may quickly become common features across a number of product categories and might become an issue for solutions that fail to provide them.”

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