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Jasper Introduces Generative AI API and Enterprise Tools

Generative AI startup Jasper has released a set of enterprise tools called Jasper for Business. The new suite offers a customized version of the company’s AI engine to aid businesses with specific needs as the generative AI space starts to see rapid growth beyond the consumer space.

Jasper for Business

Jasper for Business leverages a version of  Jasper Chat, a conversational version of its generative AI engine. The suite includes AI tools specifically built for a business and incorporates information about the company and its products, goals, and history. This Jasper Brand Voice aims to fine-tune the standard large language model (LLM), overcoming complaints about generic AI outputs. Instead, the responses account for the business as a unique entity, including their house style of writing and tone.

The Jasper Everywhere feature complements the custom AI by enabling a business to incorporate Jasper into its existing online presence. That means a browser extension for Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge that can perform in any channel. Users will see a purple cursor in their email, social media, content management systems, and other apps. It streamlines access to Jasper’s features far more than the existing pop-up window and the need to copy and paste the text. Jasper is also launching its first API, providing an option for businesses that want to integrate generative AI more directly. The Jasper for Business tools combines multiple generative AI models, not just the one built by Jasper. OpenAI and other generative AI model developers are represented as well. The models work together to support the AI’s response to a query, as seen in the video at the top of the page.

“Think of Jasper as this application layer that’s sitting on top of many different models, including our own models,” said Jasper president Shane Orlich in a media preview. “We’re able to pick and choose which pieces of those models we want to support in order to create the right piece of output for our customers.”

Jasper Growth

“We see this as a watershed year, not only for Jasper and the field of AI, but for the countless businesses that will integrate generative AI into their operations in the coming months,” Jasper CEO Dave Rogenmoser said. “We are just at the early stages of seeing how AI can transform how businesses create and communicate. We aim to help business users by creating a platform that is reliable and tailored to them, and by being a source of education and support as they make the shifts in strategy that this new era of AI will undoubtedly bring.”

Jasper announced the business features at Gen AI, the first industry event hosted by the company, just four months after raising $125 million from investors in October. The company has more than 120,000 business users and growing, a trend that’s only accelerating as generative AI becomes the most discussed tech and business topic this year. Though Jasper is still offering consumers generative text and image services, the company has made enterprise service its central goal.

“We’re very focused on how people use generative AI in business settings,” Orlich said. “We want generative AI to be the superpower that sits alongside our business users and helps them create better content at work.”

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