Jasper Chat

Generative AI Engine Jasper Debuts Chatbot as Enterprise ChatGPT Alternative

Generative content startup Jasper has released a chatbot version of its generative AI engine with an eye toward business use. The new Jasper Chat responds to direct requests to complete tasks and is likely to leverage the burst of interest in OpenAI’s ChatGPT chatbot but tuned specifically for business, marketing, and finance use cases.

Jasper Chat

Like ChatGPT and other generative AI chatbots, Jasper Chat simplifies the process of producing information by turning the programming into a conversation with natural language, mimicking human interaction with an assistant. Users can ask Jasper Chat to compose text, suggest variations or edit existing text, and further refine the results until the user is satisfied.

“We’re living through a time where generative AI is widely available, but not easily accessible to complete mission critical tasks,” Jasper CEO Dave Rogenmoser said. “With Jasper Chat, we’ve harnessed the power of language learning models and made the interface feel as natural as possible for business users. Jasper Chat is more of a new way to interact with existing AI than a new technology itself, but it has the potential to make generative AI even more widely adopted than it already is.”

Jasper debuted last year with its own generative AI engine, not relying solely on OpenAI’s GPT-3 and related models, but instead using a mixture of model sources. The company looks to produce content based on limited suggestions for businesses that need social media posts, website content, long-form articles, and other kinds of written content.  On the consumer side, Jasper offers help writing and editing text and images. The Jasper Google Chrome extension enables users to generate content that fits in the context of their open tabs. Jasper’s main target is in business, however, and the company fine-tunes its AI for that purpose, with the ability to adapt it to different customers. Jasper Chat continues that focus, with a streamlining feature of up and down-votes for any result, allowing Jasper to better learn what it users are looking for. The company claims to have more than 100,000 business users currently, and raised $125 million in October.

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