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AI21 Launches iOS App Version of Wordtune AI Writing Assistant

Generative text and conversational AI startup AI21 Labs released an iOS app version of its Wordtune AI writing assistant this week. Wordtune has been available as a Google Chrome extension for a couple of years but can now integrate with iPhone keyboards to offer editing help across multiple platforms.

Wordtune iOS

Once the Wordtune app is activated in the keyboard menu, users can write text for iMessages, emails, and other communications on any platform, then tap the globe button on the keyboard to prompt Wordtune to offer alternative phrasing as in the screenshots above. The AI will paraphrase, list synonyms, and even improve grammar in its suggestions. It can also translate Arabic, Hebrew, Hindi, Korean, Mandarin, Russian, and Spanish into English, with the translation appearing under text written in those tongues. The iOS app doesn’t incorporate all of the Chrome extension’s features, shortening and extending text, and changing the tone, but Goshen said those and other extras are in the works. Wordtune for iOS is free but only includes ten rewrite suggestions a day. The premium plan removes the limits for $25 a month or $10 a month with the yearly subscription.

“A lot of writing on mobile devices is transactional, but the problem still exists of finding the right words for what you have in mind,” AI21 Labs co-CEO Ori Goshen told Voicebot in an interview. “The [iOS app] embeds Wordtune in the keyboard, and it can be used with any application like WhatsApp, or email, or Slack. It’s very easy and intuitive to interact with.”

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The app launch follows AI21’s $64 million funding round this summer. Notably, AI21 is one of the few publicly accessible generative text tools that doesn’t rely on OpenAI’s models, such as GPT-3. The startup’s proprietary models are available for other developers to play with through its AI21 Studio and custom pre-trained conversational AI models. The models are used for everything from grocery chain Publicis’ customer service to creating the video game adventures of AI Dungeon. The company also launched a feature for summarizing text called Wordtune Read with an eye toward the enterprise market at the end of last year.

“The technology is pretty amazing, and things are very, very early. It’s increasing at a surprising rate, with more and more people being aware of what they can produce with AI,” Goshen said.” The main category of use for LLMs is the created category, like games and ad copywriting. A very dominant theme is co-writing. You see text editors everywhere these days because people want to enhance their core writing capabilities.”

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