AI Dungeon

AI Dungeon’s Synthetic Story and Pictures Released on Steam Gaming Platform

Synthetically generated video game AI Dungeon is available on Steam, one of the most widely used video game platforms in the world. AI Dungeon developer Latitude published the game, which leverages advanced language models to produce the text and images of the game and interact with players through the various characters they encounter.

AI Dungeon

AI Dungeon performs like a classic text adventure game of the 1980s, except there is no specific script that the player and characters follow. Instead, the AI builds off a template to generate a new adventure for every player, evolving in reaction to what the players do and how they engage with the non-player characters and the world around them. The game produces textual descriptions as the game goes on. It’s also capable of generating images of the player’s character by feeding the player’s text description into a visual model. The art resembles the limited pixels of the same era as the game itself. It’s a bit like playing Dungeons & Dragons with an incredibly imaginative human who doesn’t care about specific rules and is capable of adjusting their story based on how you play while drawing your character with software from 1991 as a bonus. The original version even lets users create their own worlds and populate them accordingly before they begin to play.

Latitude originally relied on OpenAI’s GPT-2 and GPT-3 models as the engines for the game when it launched in 2019. The game rapidly accumulated players and stories. AI Dungeon reached more than a million players with more than six million stories in less than two months. In early 2022, however, the game switched to the Jurassic-1 model created by AI21 Labs, which recently raised $64 million. The game costs $30 (on sale for $24 this week) on Steam. In comparison, the web-based version has three subscription tiers with various limits and a more severely limited free version that includes advertising.


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