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Voicemod Debuts AI Text-to-Song Generator After Acquiring Synthetic Singing AI Startup Voctro

Augmented audio startup Voicemod’s new Text-to-Song tool has introduced a musical dimension to its synthetic voice generation. The synthetic song generator matches submitted lyrics to a selection of popular songs and AI voices and arrives just days after Voicemod announced the acquisition of virtual singer AI startup Voctro Labs for an undisclosed sum.

Synthetic Songs

Voicemod is known for synthetic voice generation, both from scripts and as a real-time speech-to-speech converter. Text-to-Song applies Voicemod’s synthetic speech generation to short musical performances. Text-to-Song is available on any web browser. Users can pick a tune from Voicemod’s song catalog and one of the seven available AI singing voices, then write out lyrics to replace the original words. The song choices are currently limited to seven Christmas songs, eight if you count the classical Hallelujah, as well as John Legend’s Stay With Me, and Lil Nas X and Jack Harlow’s Industry Baby (called Break is Over on Voicemod). All of the performances are under 30 seconds, and the song can be downloaded or shared on social media once it’s complete.

Voicemod has promised more options for songs, voices, instruments, and melodies, as well as another generative AI for composing new music. The synthetic song creator leveraged Voicemod’s acquisition of Voctro Labs this week. Voctro’s AI recently cloned Holly Herndon’s singing voice to produce Holly+; the first AI singing voice streamed on Spotify.

“Voctro Labs has been at the forefront of voice AI technology for many years, and its innovations have greatly impacted the industry,” Voicemod CEO Jaime Bosch said. “We are thrilled to be able to offer their technology to our users and to continue pushing the boundaries of what is possible with AI.”

Voicemod Volume

The acquisition and musical rollout cap off a year of massive growth for Voicemod’s features and usage. Voicemod added PowerPitch technology to up the realism of altered voices, launched the Voicemod Developer Kit to third-party software and hardware developers, and licensed voices from the Angry Birds franchise, rapper ODB, and the Trailer Park Boys. The startup then released its real-time voice conversion tool and soon scored a deal to bring them to people chatting while playing games hosted by Chinese tech giant Tencent.

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