Voicemod AI Voices

Voicemod’s New Real-Time AI Voice Conversion Lets You Sound Like Morgan Freeman

Augmented audio startup Voicemod can make you sound like a stranger or like Morgan Freeman with its new real-time voice conversion tool. The AI-powered digital voice filter enables people playing video games or traveling through the metaverse to pick how they sound to others online; a sonic avatar to go with whatever visual appearance they project into the digital world.

AI Vocal Chords

Voicemod’s catalog of voices combines speech-to-speech translation and synthetic voice generation to convert what a user says into their chosen voice almost as soon as the words leave their lips. The speaker’s original speed, intonation, and emotional force remain the same; it just sounds like someone else is saying it on their behalf. That includes changing and disguising accent, gender, and other identifying factors. Users can connect them to online avatars in games and metaverse worlds or use them for chatting while playing or streaming video games online.

The standout voice in the beta version of the toolset released this week is Morgan, a voice clearly patterned on actor Morgan Freeman, with a sprite icon obviously based on him. Morgan isn’t just one voice either; users can select varients of the voice aptly named Celestial, Narrator, The President, and The General. Besides Morgan, Voicemod’s first collection includes generic masculine and feminine voices named Bob and Alice, as well as Pilot and Astronaut voices that evoke those professions. The robotic AI 9000 and both an alien Visitor and alien Mothership voices complete the initial Voicemod AI voice offering.

“We’re very excited to introduce the next stage in audio expression technology to our passionate community of Voicemod users — and to the rest of the world,” Voicemod CEO Jaime Bosch said. “Integrating the power of real-time AI voices into our engine, combined with our growing catalog of IP partnerships, enables a previously impossible level of customization in audio expression online and in the metaverse.”

Voicemod Modding

Voicemod has been rapidly releasing new features and intellectual property partnerships of late. Most recently, the company showcased the new PowerPitch technology, which adds realism to voices altered by Voicemod’s filters without requiring audio mixing skills. The company also started offering its Voicemod Developer Kit to third-party software developers, content creators, and interactive audio hardware makers looking for customer voice toolsets. The clients could then offer customers any voice from Voicemod’s library as the voice of the virtual beings they pilot through the metaverse. Only a few companies and brands had access before, including Agora and Bragi. There are also a growing number of Voicemod options based on existing intellectual properties. Voicemod users can sound like characters from the Angry Birds franchise, rapper ODB, or the Trailer Park Boys. Voicemod raised $8 million nearly two years ago but has claimed profitability for a couple of years after more than ten million PC downloads for use in many popular online games like Minecraft, League of Legends, and Fortnite.

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