Voicemod Powerpitch

Voicemod Adds Real-Time Pitch Control to Metaverse Custom Voice Filters

Custom voice tech startup Voicemod has introduced a new tool for adjusting digital voice filters while exploring the metaverse or playing video games. The new PowerPitch technology adds realism to voices altered by Voicemod’s filters without the user needing complex audio mixing skills.


Voicemod uses AI-powered digital signal processing to analyze speech and replicate the words in a different voice, usually one chosen from Voicemod’s library. The real-time processing transforms analog audio into a digital file using the new voice for broadcast on metaverse platforms and other digital spaces. PowerPitch streamlines some of the adjustments to a user’s voice, most obviously the pitch, while compensating for the changes so as to not lessen the radio quality. The new tool continues Voicemod’s growth beyond a bonus for video game players by opening it up for social interactions and other online activities. PowerPitch has plenty of entertainment potential, of course. For instance, a single person could perform a full-cast audio play without any gift for mimicry. There’s also an accessibility angle. There are 7.5 million people in the U.S. with a voice disorder, according to the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIDCD). PowerPitch could help them compensate for any difficulties that others have in understanding what they’re saying.

“Interactive audio is often overlooked as a critical component of a truly immersive metaverse experience,” Voicemod CEO Jaime Bosch explained. “High-quality voice avatars that can be customized in real-time will become increasingly essential to complement visual avatars in both business and entertainment metaverse environments. Voicemod PowerPitch enables a winning solution for creating unique sonic identities for players, creators, professionals, and companies alike.”

Metaverse Mod

The metaverse and its possibilities are a growing aspect of Voicemod’s work in other ways too. The company recently began sharing the Voicemod Developer Kit with third-party software developers, content creators, and interactive audio hardware makers looking for customer voice toolsets. The clients could then offer customers any voice from Voicemod’s library as the voice of the virtual beings they pilot through the metaverse. Only a few companies and brands had access before, including Agora and Bragi. There are also a growing number of Voicemod options based on existing intellectual properties. Voicemod users can sound like characters from the Angry Birds franchise, rapper ODB, or the Trailer Park Boys.

Voicemod raised $8 million a year and a half ago but has claimed profitability for a couple of years after more than ten million PC downloads for use in many popular online games like Minecraft, League of Legends, and Fortnite. Voicemod’s advances in pitch shift and other audio techniques have made its audio sound smoother and more human-sounding, which is ideal for metaverse interactions that strive for realism.


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