Voice Filter Startup Voicemod Closes $8M Funding Round

Voice filter startup Voicemod has closed an $8 million Series A funding round led by German Bitkraft Ventures. Voicemod provides AI-powered personalized audio avatars that can alter voices in real-time in video games and digital communication services.

Audio Avatar

Voicemod combines artificial intelligence with digital signal processing to overlay a different sound to someone’s voice as they speak. Aimed mainly at the gaming world, the Spanish startup’s tech can let players switch to different voice options and even incorporate effects like echos in a tunnel during a car racing game or breathlessness when a character has been running for a while. The tech can also perform more straightforward voice alterations like auto-tuning, pitch change, and making the speaker sound like a different gender.

“We create sound effects that can take gamers and content creators anywhere and allow them to become anyone or anything. We believe that everybody should be able to express themselves creatively through sound so that every experience is amplified,” Voicemod CEO Jaime Bosch said in a statement. “Image and video filters have increased in popularity and Voicemod is bringing the missing piece – a voice filter that enhances gameplay with fully immersive audio experiences. Thanks to the backing from BITKRAFT Ventures, we will be able to advance our mission to create more entertaining and engaging interactive audiovisual communication.”

All of the filters take the analog sound of a voice and turn it into a digital file, processing it before broadcasting it again. Advances in computing hardware make it possible to do so with far fewer computing resources than it used to. That’s why the voice filters can operate in tandem with high-end video game graphics. The company claims it is now profitable and that its software has been downloaded more than ten million times on PCs. Voice filters designed by Voicemod are used in popular online games like Fortnight, League of Legends, Call of Duty Warzone, and Minecraft. It can also apply to video chat and social platforms like Zoom, Discord, and Skype. Voicemod plans to create mobile apps and build more advanced AI voice and speech tech to make its voices stand out and be more realistic.


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