New YouChat Chatbot Offers ChatGPT-Style Generative AI Search Engine

Search engine developer has debuted a new conversational AI tool combining search with a ChatGPT-style generative AI engine. The new YouChat leverages a large language model as ChatGPT does with GPT-3.5, but sources current events and can cite them when asked, which ChatGPT cannot do.

YouChat AI

YouChat operates like other generative AI engines in answering questions, composing texts, and offering suggestions for editing prose depending on submitted prompts. The difference from ChatGPT is that it isn’t limited to data from a year or more ago. That makes it useful for finding out newer information and acting as a search engine like’s main product. The early version available now is still limited in terms of maintaining context and isn’t infallible, with outdated or just wrong information sometimes coming up as answers. Even so, YouChat could represent a major shift in how people search online if they prefer the more conventional format over the traditional list of links.

“With the introduction of citations and real-time data, has upgraded a large language model for increased relevance and accuracy. It allows you to find answers to complex questions and unlocks functionality never before seen in a search engine,” explained in a blog post.” YouChat is the first upgraded large language model for increased relevancy and accuracy. While biases and AI pitfalls remain an ongoing issue, we will continue to make a concerted effort to minimize and mitigate the production of misinformation.”

Chatbot Synthetic Media

The power of generative AI and synthetic media engines in images and words has grown by leaps and bounds this year. The conversational format of ChatGPT is quickly becoming the most popular interface for at least the prose-based facet. ChatGPT was already seeing potential rivals in GPT-3-derived chatbots, and YouChat was preceded last week by Jasper Chat, a chatbot format for Jasper’s own generative AI engine. That competition is only going to heat up, especially if databases incorporating current information like YouChat start popping up.

“The LLM Wars have begun. OpenAI has an early lead. AI21 is out there with another option for users.’s YouChat is now a contender for several top LLM use cases,” Voicebot founder Bret Kinsella commented in the Synthedia newsletter. “Google’s AI group and DeepMind both have LLMs, as do Nvidia, Microsoft, Facebook, and Amazon. 2023 is going to be interesting as some of the tech giants shift out of closed beta to general availability. The competition is going to be wild. One thing we know for sure. It will be a war of words.”

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