Regie AI

GPT-3 Business Content Creation Startup Raises $10M

AI-powered business copywriting startup has raised $10 million in a Series A funding round led by Scale Venture Partners. Regie leverages OpenAI’s GPT-3 generative text engine to produce marketing and other business content, a growing facet of the synthetic media industry.

Regie Writing

Regie is designed to produce sales and marketing copy for brands to employ more quickly and yet with more consistency and personalization than doing so manually. The startup adapts the GPT-3 model specifically for businesses to use in email campaigns, online ads, text messages, social media, and even podcast ad copy. Keeping up with the demand for all of that content across so many media becomes a lot easier when AI can take a phrase or two as suggestions and rapidly compose multiple messages for each outlet and style of writing after the startup trained its GPT-3 engine on 20,000 sales sequences. Clients can integrate Regie into their own content management systems or use it a browser extension, and the company claims to track thousands of sales sequences and more than 35 million emails. It’s already used by more than 75 brands, including Crunchbase, Hubspot, and AT&T, though the content is checked by a human curator to avoid any issues of unsupervised AI content generation.

“ has solved one of the biggest pain points for all businesses – how to handle their content so that they can communicate better with customers,” CEO and former Google and Meta engineer Srinath Sridhar explained. “We’re applying highly advanced generative AI systems to optimize all of the content workflows for go-to-market teams and make copy creation not only more efficient but more impactful.”

AI Writing Up

AI-assisted writing and editing tools have mushroomed in popularity of late. For instance, interactive AI writing guide developer Writer raised $21 million to improve and standardize marketing copy for businesses. On the much higher end of funding, Grammarly raised a massive $200 million to further develop its own AI writing assistant. And GPT-3 has spawned a whole stable of similar products. raised $2.1 million for a universal auto-complete system, and raised $2.9 million to use GPT-3 to help businesses write advertisements, product descriptions, social media posts, and other text, and new options like Jasper, Phrasee, and Copysmith are popping up at a steady rate. Regie’s new funding counts for most of the $14.8 million raised by the startup but has its own angle on the market that will likely help it stand out from rivals as the AI marketing copy space grows more crowded.

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