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Generative AI News Rundown 1 – Voicebot Podcast Ep 298

A lot happened this past week in the generative AI and synthetic media. Today introduces a new weekly (or when appropriate) addition to the Voicebot Podcast. The GAIN Rundown is the generative AI news of the week. So much is happening in this space, and it is so important to the conversational AI industry we thought that a short weekly rundown of the top headlines would be useful.

The big news for this episode was Google’s ChatGPT competitor Bard and Microsoft’s debut of what we like to call BingGPT. We also saw schools banning ChatGPT and David Guetta showing off an Eminem deepfake. The show starts off looking at some OpenAI data that you are likely to find interesting. You can listen through the podcast player below or your favorite listening app and watch the video version in this article and Voicebot’s YouTube channel.

If you would like to view the videos that we included in the discussion, you can see those segments on YouTube through the links below.

5:02 – Microsoft https://lnkd.in/gid_Gq4v
14:00 – Google https://lnkd.in/gZ6P8kCq
29:40 – David Guetta: https://lnkd.in/ghtNjsns

Generative AI News Rundown – Show Notes Feb 10, 2023






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