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Shane Orlick President of Jasper AI on the Future of Writing and Generative AI – Voicebot Podcast Ep 293

Bret Kinsella wrote this Introduction

Jasper AI quietly built one of the top AI-based writing assistants atop OpenAI’s GPT-3 large language model (LLM). Then, suddenly its growth and recognition exploded … in a good way. That led to a $125 million series A funding round that was well-timed ahead of the new interest in the AI-writing assistant space after the introduction of ChatGPT.

Shane Orlick is president of Jasper AI and walks through the company’s origins, the product, and how customers use these tools today. He even mentions some product features that have not yet been announced (breaking news on the Voicebot Podcast once again) and how users are applying the new Jasper Chat (a ChatGPT-like interface) versus the templates that Jasper has created and refined for specific use cases. For those of you interested in the technical stack behind Jasper and the company’s move to build an internal NLU and new AI models that supplement the OpenAI APIs, this may be the only conversation out there with that insight.

Shane also discusses the broader market news, such as the impact of ChatGPT, the emergence of text-to-image models, and the rumors about OpenAI’s big valuation and potential new investment from Microsoft. We cover a lot of ground around products, user behavior, generative AI, and the broader synthetic media market.

Jasper Chat rewrote the Original Introduction to This


Let me know which one you like better! I like my version better, but I am a professional writer, I had to create the original from scratch, and I know my audience and personal style better than Jasper Chat. It is also fair to say that Jasper Chat’s rewrite was pretty solid and is a style that might be more appealing to some readers.

I am particularly interested in how large language models (LLM) and tools like Jasper can be used for summarization and rewriting existing content. These are underutilized features of LLM applications today. The biggest benefit today, which is clearly evident, is getting started. Tools like Jasper do really help with the blank page problem and getting the writing process started. It was fun to get the inside story from Shane on the most intriguing voice and generative AI market segment at the dawn of 2023.

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