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Synthetic Media Year in Review 2022 – Voicebot Podcast Ep 291

Synthetic media had an epic explosion of innovation and adoption in 2022. In this year-in-review joint episode from the Voicebot Podcast and Synthedia, Rupal Patel of Veritone, Michal Stanislawek of Hearme.ai and Utter.one, and Eric Schwartz and Bret Kinsella from Voicebot.ai focus on the big news of 2022 that shaped the synthetic media landscape. Topics include ChatGPT/GPT-3/Large Language Models, text-to-image generators, voice clones, virtual humans, character builders, deepfakes, and more.

ChatGPT, LLMs, and Adoption Drivers

It will not surprise you that we had an in-depth discussion about large language models (LLM) and how ChatGPT changed expectations and enthusiasm overnight. As Stanislawek said, “My Twitter feed exploded.” We also tie that to conversational AI and how the two industries are largely separate today but bound to converge.

Text-to-Image Generative AI

If not for ChatGPT and all of the conversational LLM applications, the biggest synthetic media story of the year would have been text-to-image AI models. OpenAI’s DALL-E, Stable Diffusion, and Midjourney changed perceptions and immediately saw adoption across art, design, and marketing. DALL-E crossed one million users in about ten weeks, Stability AI claimed 10 million users in October, and Midjourney quickly amassed over two million users on its Discord server. Patel talks about how quickly these solutions have been adopted and also the deluge of digital waste we are creating using AI.

Voice Clones, Deepfakes, and Virtual Humans

Though less explosive in their impact, voice clones, deepfakes, and virtual humans all had their time in the spotlight this past year. Patel talks about how synthetic speech engines have improved and matured, while Stanislawek agrees this has been accompanied by more familiarity with the synthetic voices and their integration into the culture.
America’s Got Talent makes an appearance for its showcasing of deepfake technology that made it mainstream overnight and transformed a negative sentiment around the technology into a positive one. We also talk about virtual humans from companies such as Soul Machines, Hour One, and DeepBrain and how celebrities and other public figures are bringing these solutions to the masses.

It was a big year for synthetic media. We have both the audio and video option for you. I hope you enjoy the conversation! There is much to talk about on all of these topics.

Synthetic Media Year in Review 2022 – Show Notes






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