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Voice AI Year in Review 2022 Enterprise Edition – Voicebot Podcast Ep 290

Enterprise voice AI has been overshadowed for years by the tech giants’ movements in the industry. That meant the consumer applications often drowned out what was happening in the enterprise. At the same time, most enterprises were moving slowly. That has changed over the past two years. Enterprise adoption of voice and conversational AI solutions is growing steadily and expanding into new use cases, while the consumer solution space is relatively flat.
Today, we start out by discussing the contact center, restaurants, automotive, and media sectors with three industry leaders. Susan Westwater is the founder of Pragmatic Digital, which was acquired earlier this year by Vixen Labs. She is also the co-author of the books Voice Strategy and Voice Marketing. Jason Fields is the chief strategy officer at Voicify, a leading omnichannel conversational experience platform. Braden Ream is the CEO and co-founder of Voiceflow, the provider of the most broadly used conversational experience design software for the enterprise.

ChatGPT and Omnichannel Voice for the Enterprise

We also go into some detail about large language models (LLM) and how enterprises are thinking about ChatGPT. Ream breaks down a four-layer LLM model, while Fields discusses the mismatch between enterprise expectations and LLM performance.  Westwater and Fields both discuss voice AI in an omnichannel marketing context. I know you are going to be interested in what Susan, Braden, and Jason have to say. Each is working on the front lines with enterprises, and they offer some fresh and practical perspectives.

We have both the audio and video option for you for our year-end episodes. Enjoy!

Voice AI 2022 Year in Review Enterprise – Show Notes






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