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Chris Parkinson Co-founder and CTO of RealWear on AR and Voice Control – Voicebot Podcast Ep 287

Chris Parkinson is the CTO and co-founder of RealWear, a leader in head-mounted wearable computing for industrial use cases. The solution has, from the beginning, been a voice-first device. Parkinson began working on the idea behind RealWear while at Kopin back in 2007. In 2015, he founded WearNext to explore routes to further technical development and commercialization of the productivity tool for connected industrial workers. That ultimately led to co-founding RealWear in 2016.

The company presents itself as providing the first hands-free and fully ruggedized head-mounted tablet solution. But it’s not quite a tablet. It’s a headset for voice interactive hands-free access to data, information, and applications. Parkinson told Voicebot there are over 80,000 devices already used in production environments.

RealWear has implemented a voice interactive command and control solution that is quite different from what we see in consumer voice assistants. We discuss the voice solution at length, along with how the technical requirements differ for professionals working in industrial settings where hands-free operation is essential.

Parkinson has been awarded over 40 patents. He earned a PhD in computational and theoretical chemistry from the University of Manchester. Earlier in his career, Parkinson was a senior engineer at Alien Technology and a researcher at Battelle Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.

Chris Parkinson Interview – Show Notes RealWear






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