Crafting a Voice Strategy – How 3 Global Brands Planned Their Custom Assistants (VIDEO)

Custom voice assistants are the most important trend shaping the voice AI industry today. Amazon Alexa showed companies how valuable it is to have their own voice assistant where they control the data and user experience. But, how do companies that aren’t Amazon build their own voice assistant?

Jason Fields from Voicify walks through the process that three global brands used to create custom voice assistant strategies and also discusses the results. In this video, you get an overview of how voice assistants fit into a company’s marketing and product strategy, how to craft a voice strategy for a custom assistant, and some examples where it was put into action. Fields uses experience at Volkswagen, Wolverine, and Audacy to illustrate how the process is employed.

A How-to Framework for Voice Strategy

When companies decide to build a custom voice assistant, they all know there will be important technology decisions. However, before you choose the tech stack, there are many product and business priorities to iron out. Voicify developed a Voice Strategy Workshop Toolkit to help companies follow the same process it used with Volkswagen, Audacy, and others. The tools you see in the video are available in a download you can access through the button below. Let me know what you think.



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