Voicify Releases Upgraded Voice App Platform for Enterprise Services

Enterprise voice app developer Voicify has launched a new and improved version of its platform. Voicify 3.0 significantly upgrades and expands the company’s conversational experience creator, with improved logic and far more personalization options than ever before.

Voicify 3.0

Voicify has offered a platform for creating voice assistants and voice apps with minimal or no coding necessary since the company was born in 2017. As seen in the illustration above, voice apps built on the platform have been utilized on pretty much every conceivable device and by a wide range of brands and industries. The last year has boosted Voicify’s profile considerably with the spike in voice app usage as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Voicify had to handle a deluge of requests from state and local governments to build informational voice apps for citizens, not to mention the many businesses scrambling to respond to incoming calls with contact centers in partial or complete shutdown.

With Voicify 3.0, the flexibility the company provided now extends to personalizing the voice apps to a far greater extent. Data management systems for customers and products can integrate with the voice apps now, meaning information about when the user last interacted with the app, if they bought anything, and other details will be incorporated into the app. Combined with the new conditional logic feature, the AI’s response to users will be far more nuanced and specific to the individual using the app.

“Our guiding light is to build tools that empower brands and marketers to connect to customers,” Voicify principal architect Alex Dunn said in a statement. “As our platform and voice channels evolved, we knew that voice assistant interactions which were personal would be more valuable, so it’s critical Voicify owns that functionality to empower CX managers and marketers.”

Voice Sparks

The other major new feature added to Voicify’s platform is the Voice User Experience (VUX) Spark Templates. The earlier version of Spark allowed users to create and apply conversational templates to new apps. The upgraded version streamlines how they are designed and installed to mimic the code-free look of the rest of the platform. The goal is to make it faster and easier for more people and organizations to create and deploy voice apps that function the way they envision That’s why Voicify added a marketplace for the templates integrations. Users can sort through existing varieties of voice apps with whatever mixture of more than 100 possible features they want to include, customized to the devices they want to publish on.

“We did an inventory of conversations with prospects and customers over the years and determined the most requested conversation flows,” Voicify CEO Jeff McMahon explained in a statement. “With Voice being a new muscle for many brands, we felt a responsibility to abstract the most valuable conversations they may have with customers – where is my order, find a location, campaign landers – into a quick, form-based process.”


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