Volkswagen’s Sanket Shindex600

10 Minutes On New Voice Experiences for Drivers with CARIAD Volkswagen’s Sanket Shinde

Automakers have had voice assistants for more than two decades in the car. However, Volkswagen decided to augment its in-car assistant with a new mobile app-based solution to extend the driver experience outside the car. Sanket Shinde from Volkswagen’s CARIAD group discusses the key use cases, the Voicify technology powering the solution, and the core features of the new custom branded voice assistant.

In the interview, Shinde breaks down the project objectives and the key reason why Volkswagen needed a second assistant as opposed to simply adding the in-car assistant to a mobile app. He also goes into how providing simple benefits to drivers while outside of the car increases customer satisfaction, enhances brand loyalty, and reduces costs for the automaker.

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