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10 Minutes on Voice AI as a Feature with Speechly’s Otto Söderlund

Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant, and Bixby all contributed to shaping consumer perception that voice interactions follow the voice assistant model of turn-based conversations. This same perception can be found in many enterprises as well where leaders are unfamiliar with the many ways that voice can be employed for simple task execution. Speechly’s Otto Söderlund breaks down the concept of voice as a feature in a new interview through Voicebot’s 10 Minutes On series.

Think about this. A voice assistant is clearly a voice user interface (VUI). However, there are a growing number of voice user interfaces that are not assistants. The turn-based voice assistant model isn’t even used that often by consumers with their voice assistants. The top voice assistant use cases for Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri are single request command and control interactions.

Söderlund offers a comparison of voice assistants and voice features in the interview and shows how the simpler implementation model is dramatically increasing the proliferation of voice AI. The assistant model is not ideal for many digital interactions due to cost, complexity, and sometimes cumbersome interactions that lead consumers back to touch, type, and swipe. VUI as a feature addresses those points of friction and is leading to a new round of voice AI adoption for a variety of enterprise and consumer digital experiences.

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