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10 Minutes On – A New Video Interview Series Exploring the Hidden Stories in Voice AI

A few years ago it seemed like all of the novel conversational AI use cases were out in the open. They were being led by the tech giants that wanted recognition for their efforts and for consumers to know about new features and products. It was complemented by consumer brands also wanting to spread awareness of their voice app offerings. However, everyone recognizes the industry has shifted. Today, many novel use cases are not promoted and casual observers might think innovation in voice AI has subsided.

In an effort to bring more of these interesting use cases and ideas out into the open, Voicebot today is launching a new video interview series called 10 Minutes On. The interviews focus on a single topic, are short enough to watch between Zoom meetings, and long enough to share some interesting insights and solution details. We are excited that leading companies including Volkswagen, Voicify, Uniphore, Speechly, SoundHound, Exotel, Cerence, and others are part of our first batch of interviews.

I recorded a quick intro for YouTube which you can see above. We have had fun recording the first batch of interviews and learning a lot from our guests. I’m sure you are going to like it. The future of the industry is being created today and this series is designed to shed more light on its evolution. Of course, we still have the hour-long, in-depth interviews through the Voicebot Podcast and the short news stories here on Voicebot.ai. We hope the combination of these formats will continue to offer the voice AI industry the best source of information available. Let me know if you have specific topics or guests you would like to see interviewed for 10 Minutes On. Connect with me on Twitter or LinkedIn.

You can find the videos on Voicebot’s YouTube channel or by clicking Videos in the website’s top navigation bar. The first interview is about the rise of voice as a feature instead of an assistant.

10 Minutes on Voice AI as a Feature with Speechly’s Otto Söderlund

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