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The 6 Segments of Synthetic Media – Video

Synthetic media isn’t a single technology. It represents a collection of technologies. Many people have encountered synthetic media through virtual humans, deepfakes, voice clones, and GPT-3. However, this has not been viewed as a single market in the past despite the common characteristics.

Voicebot hosted the first synthetic media conference last month, and I opened the event by breaking down the market into six technology segments: text, images, audio, video, conversations, and characters. The video recording below introduces the synthetic media market and explores the key benefits of hyper-automation combined with hyper-creation.

Voice AI and Synthetic Media

This is a dynamic, fast-growing market that has significant overlap with voice technologies. Synthetic speech engines and voice clones are probably the most obvious examples. Autonomous virtual humans are simply embodied voice assistants. In addition,  text-to-image, text-to-video, and text-to-text (i.e., large language models such as GPT-3) all use natural language to create synthetic media. There are many solutions across segments that are significantly expanding the reach of traditional voice AI technologies.

More Videos on Synthetic Media

You can learn more about synthetic media from other speakers at the Synthedia Conference. You can find those videos in Voicebot’s YouTube channel synthetic media playlist. If you would like to have the top news and analysis about synthetic media sent directly to your inbox each day, sign up for the Synthedia newsletter.

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