Voice AI Customer Service Startup NLX Raises $4.6M (Updated)

Conversational AI for customer service startup NLX has raised $4.6 million in an unannounced funding round. An SEC filing first reported in Voice Insider indicated the raise was $9.6 million but the company confirmed to Voicebot that that number included the $5 million seed round announced almost a year ago and this article has been updated acordingly. NLX offers multimodal AI service from virtual assistants by phone and online for airlines, hotels, banks, and other businesses in need of customer service support.

NLX Assistance

The SEC filing doesn’t include a list of investors, but Voice Insider reported there will be a new name in addition to participation by existing investors. NLX raised $5 million of the amount mentioned in the form almost a year ago in a round led by Aquila Capital Partners and counting Flying Fish Partners, Sage Venture Partners, and JetBlue Technology Ventures as contributors.

NLX and its Voice Compass service answer phone calls made to customer support numbers to to carry out information searches and transactions. The idea is for the AI to field routine queries and free human agents for more complex questions and tasks. NLX claims its tools can automate up to 70% of all incoming customer questions.

United Airlines recently turned to NLX to upgrade its customer service on phone calls. United had noted a lot of phone calls asking repetitive questions for information available on the website and decided to employ NLX’s AI as a kind of shortcut. The startup’s Voice Compass began guiding customers through phone calls in June, helping retrieve information about flight times, the status of wheelchair requests, and any other relevant information accessible from United’s website. Airlines are a growing part of NLX’s customer base, with Jet Blue and Copa Airlines also using the startup’s AI for their contact centers.

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