Quora Poe

Quora Debuts Generative AI Chatbot Platform Poe

Popular crowdsourced Q&A forum Quora has introduced a tool for interacting with generative AI chatbots similar to OpenAI’s ChatGPT as an invite-only iOS app. The Platform for Open Exploration, or Poe, serves as a hub for multiple AI-powered chatbots whose responses are supplemented by knowledge provided by users, similar to how Amazon gathers information for the Alexa Answers feature.

Quora Poe

The iOS app description for Poe briefly explains that the app answers questions and allows “back-and-forth dialogue with AI,” but Quora told TechCrunch that it operates like a digital messaging service for various AI models. Like ChatGPT, the AI can help users find out information, compose text, and resolve problems or riddles, but Quora doesn’t do any moderation beyond what is built into the models. Poe does go beyond ChatGPT in working in more than one language, however, including Spanish, French, and Chinese.

Though Poe does solicit additional answers from users, it’s emphatically not part of Quora and operates as an independent project. Poe’s separation from Quora is likely because it is still a very new and experimental project. Still, it also helps limit potential AI-produced inaccuracies to those submitted manually by people. Concern over wrong or misleading data is why the programming answer forum Stack Overflow banned the submission of ChatGPT-sourced responses.

The chatbot interface and app portal for generative AI are both proliferating in the wake of the enormous interest in ChatGPT. For instance, search engine developer You.com’s recently released YouChat runs like a chatbot but includes current events that ChatGPT doesn’t. The same goes for Jasper’s Jasper Chat portal for its generative AI engine. Apps like Wordtune and Paragraph have already made generative A mobile, but newer ones are likely to look like Merlin and have a chatbot-style messenger format.

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