Project Voice Capital Partners

Project Voice Capital Partners Venture Fund for Conversational and Voice AI Launches Jan. 1

A new venture capital fund for conversational AI and voice technology called Project Voice Capital Partners (PVCP) is set to launch a rolling fund on Jan. 1. Project Voice’s Bradley Metrock and VoicePunch VC general partner Marc Ladin co-founded PVCP to find and support early-stage startups working across a broad spectrum of language technology, including synthetic media and generative AI.

PVCP Funding

Along with Metrock and Ladin, PVCP’s founding venture partners include Adam Cheyer, the co-founder of the companies that became Apple’s Siri and Samsung’s Bixby voice assistants, and venture capitalist Cinta Putra. Singularity University Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Track Chair Neil Jacobstein has also joined as a technical advisor. PVCP will open the rolling fund’s door in January to investors with a minimum requirement of $12,500 a quarter for four quarters plus management and admin fees. The rolling model differs from the standard static setup by letting subscribers jump in at any quarter and get involved in all of PVCP’s deals rather than having to decide among different funds. PVCP won’t need to bring in a lot of cash all at once, instead working on an individual investor level.

“Companies working with language, whether the spoken word or the written word, whether audio only or multi-modal and visual in nature, along with various adjacencies (e.g. generative AI involving natural language processing) constitute the bulk of our deal flow. With Nuance’s $20B acquisition by Microsoft along with many other successful recent exits, the startup ecosystem in this area of emergent technology is vibrant and full of potential,” Metrock and Ladin explained in a note to potential investors. “Project Voice Capital Partners Rolling Fund will target investing in companies with valuations less than $25M. Most investments will be in the $50K – $500K range.”

The group plans to pick a minimum of three startups a quarter to fund and has already picked out the first couple even before the official launch. Edge-based voice tech startup Applied Brain Research and synthetic media startup Aug X Labs, which leverages generative AI and natural language processing to translate audio into videos for enterprise marketing, will be the initial cohort for PVCP.

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