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Gil Perry CEO of D-ID on Lifelike Digital People, Generative AI, and the Rise of Synthetic Media- Voicebot Podcast Ep 296

We are taking photos of real people or videos of real people or photos of characters and animating them at super high quality. I believe for the photo animation we have the highest quality in the world…and the video animation is among the highest. And the reason we are capable of doing this… is because of our background and the challenge that we had to tackle when we were protecting against face recognition.

My guest this week on the Voicebot Podcast is D-ID co-founder and CEO Gil Perry. We start out talking about how the company logically evolved into tools for creating talking digital people and how its capabilities in GANs and protecting consumers from facial recognition technology were the ingredients for a unique AI-based video solution.

D-ID is well known for powering MyHeritage’s Deep Nostalgia product, which has animated over 100 million photographs for consumers. The company’s technology was also instrumental in helping Jean-Baptiste Martinoli win two film festival awards for his AI-generated short film in 2022. Last fall, D-ID introduced Creative Reality Studio. That solution enables anyone to upload someone’s picture, add some text, and quickly create a scripted video with an avatar in the likeness of the photo. In December, they added the ability to create the script using a prompt to GPT-3 and upload images created by Stable Diffusion.

The company offers a great example of how synthetic media is often enhanced by layering several generative AI solutions on top of each other. The new use cases are also why these markets are the hottest in tech today. Perry, a former software developer that worked on the viral hit mobile apps Meerkat and HouseParty, offers an insider’s view of the rapid rise and current trajectory of generative AI and synthetic media.

Gil Perry Interview – Show Notes D-ID






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