Hour One Script Wizard

Hour One Adds GPT-3 ‘Script Wizard’ Writing Assistant to AI Video Editor

Virtual being developer Hour One has introduced a digital writing assistant powered by OpenAI’s GPT-3 generative AI model to its AI video editing platform Reals. The new Script Wizard feature employs GPT-3 to compose scripts for the videos starring its cast of virtual humans to perform and adding a new layer of synthetic media to Hour One’s software.

Script Wizard

Script Wizard incorporates a specialized version of GPT -3’s text generation function. Users can write any prompt in the script text box, then click the magic wand symbol in the corner to pull up the Script Wizard menu. The AI can reword the text, change it to a first-person perspective, and lengthen or shorten it as needed. Scriptwriters who want to change the tone of the writing can also use Script Wizard to give the writing an emotional spin. They can make the text sound happier, more serious, formal, youthful, professional, or fun.

“The creative possibilities offered by integrating GPT3 for script writing, with Hour One’s Reals Editor are truly remarkable,” Hour One CEO Oren Aharon said. “Since our inception in 2019 we have been transforming text into presenter-led video. Script Wizard now helps write and
improve that text, providing end-to-end video creation assistance. Our Reals platform empowers anyone, including those without any creative, production or coding skills, to create professional quality video.”

Synthetic Reality

Hour One has augmented its services with new and upgraded AI tools since it began producing virtual humans as building receptionists. Last year, it introduced a way to create synthetic news reports with AI anchors, including different camera angles, chyrons, and spliced-in video footage. The advent of generative AI tools like GPT-3 and its most famous incarnation, ChatGPT, have started a wave of interest and experiments in writing and other creative endeavors. AI video platform D-ID has its own AI scriptwriter built with GPT-3 to go with its Stable Diffusion-derived text-to-image generator and its proprietary tool that transforms the static image into an animated character. Meanwhile, Politicians in the U.S. and Great Britain have employed ChatGPT to help write speeches, and advertising idea studio 2Player recently used ChatGPT to fill out an ad campaign for online family tree creator Storied with fictional family histories.

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