Congressman Reads ChatGPT-Generated Speech in House of Representatives

Congressman Jake Auchincloss asked ChatGPT to write a speech he gave on the floor of the House of Representatives on Wednesday, a first for AI-generated text. The Massachusetts Democrat used ChatGPT for a speech advocating for legislation he is introducing that would set up an AI research center operated by the U.S. and Israel, originally introduced in the last Congress. By employing OpenAI’s generative AI chatbot, he hopes to highlight the potential and power of AI and the need to invest in more research and development.

Rep. ChatGPT

Auchincloss and his team worked on a fairly elaborate prompt for ChatGPT to produce the short speech. They asked the AI to put itself in the position of the congressman and then provided details about how the speech should be 100 words, in a formal style, the subject of the speech and how its goal was to “explain to audience the importance of international collaboration on AI research.” The congressman also submitted the text of the bill and a press release about it. It took a handful of attempts to get the final speech, but Auchincloss told The Boston Globe that the only edit necessary for the final version was to remove a part saying he was introducing the bill the same day as the speech. To round up his experiments with generative AI, Auchincloss asked it to write a social media post about the speech he gave.

You can read the full text of the speech ChatGPT wrote for Auchincloss below.

“Madam Speaker, I stand here today because I am planning to re-introduce the United States-Israel Artificial Intelligence Center Act, a bipartisan piece of legislation that will cement a mutually beneficial partnership between the United States and Israel on artificial intelligence research. This is a critical step forward in an era where artificial intelligence and its implications are taking center stage in public discourse.

“We must collaborate with international partners like the Israeli government to ensure that the United States maintains a leadership role in AI research and development and responsibly explores the many possibilities evolving technologies provide. The United States-Israel Artificial Intelligence Center Act will allow us to tap into the expertise of both countries and draw upon each other’s resources to explore and develop cutting-edge AI advancements.”

Synthetic Speechwriter

Though this is ChatGPT’s first appearance in the U.S. Congress, the AI has begun popping up in legislative speeches elsewhere already. British member of Parliament Luke Evans read out a ChatGPT speech in December. He used ChatGPT to sum up the year of news in the UK as a way of drawing attention to the need for AI regulation. He also employed it to write a Parliament-themed Christmas poem.

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