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Dustin Coates from Algolia Breaks Down Keyword, Concept, and Conversational Search Models – Voicebot Podcast Ep 295

“We are using these AI models so you can cover all of your searches. Your top 1,000 most popular queries only account for about 50% – 60% of your search traffic, which means you have the other 50% covered by thousands and thousands of queries…There is no way you are going to go in there and say, ‘For this query, I want this, I want synonyms for this,” — you really need to have something more intelligent that can do that on your behalf.”  Dustin Coates, Algolia.

The launch of ChatGPT on November 30, 2022, spurred new interest in conversational search. For the first time in over a decade, many people are beginning to think about what comes after the Google search model that has become so familiar. Dustin Coates knows a lot about search. He is the principal product manager the implemented Algolia’s voice search products and worked on the integration with OpenAI’s GPT-3 in 2021.

Algolia is a search giant in its own right, with over 17,000 customers using its website search capabilities instead of Google technology for 1.75 trillion annual searches. Coates walks through different types of search such as keyword, semantic, concept, and conversational, and offers one of the clearest explanations about how to distinguish between these approaches.

Coates breaks down how machine learning and AI are changing search models and performance. This includes a comparison of the methods used by Algolia, Google, ChatGPT, and other services for handling search use cases today. He also offers insights into where GPT-3 powered search does and does not work for users and why concept search has become so popular.

Dustin Coates Interview – Show Notes Algolia






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