Notion AI

Generative AI Assistant Notion AI Launched by Productivity App Notion

Productivity app Notion has introduced a generative AI assistant called Notion AI to all users this week. Notion started running alpha tests on Notion AI in November but quickly upgraded the assistant for a public launch amid the recent avalanche of generative AI business tools emerging this year.

Notion AI

User interest enabled Notion AI’s rapid turnaround, with more than two million sign-ups for the waitlist and ample feedback for improvements and additions to the assistant. The responses showed far more interest in applying generative AI to improve and organize a user’s writing, as opposed to generating complete articles or essays from initial prompts.

“There are no more passionate and involved users than Notion users. We’ve received quite a bit of feedback since November,” Notion head of product Jonas Lavoie told Voicebot in an interview. “There’s a lot of use of the ‘explain this’ [tool] for computer codes and mermaid charts.”

Notion responded by enhancing and extending tools for summarizing and extending texts, adjusting tone, and arranging notes and data more coherently. Notion AI is now equipped to act like an editor, with a user’s response to its initial rewrite prompting the AI to offer additional ideas until the content matches the user’s vision. There’s no waitlist for Notion AI, just a $10 monthly subscription fee, with a 20% discount for annual plans. Business or enterprise subscribers also pay $10 a month per user on their plan. Those interested can try it out, with 20 responses available for free until April 5.

Generative Enterprise

Generative AI’s presence on professional and enterprise platforms like Notion has exploded. Interest in employing large language models for writing and editing professional content led to Jasper’s new API and enterprise tools, including an AI-powered writing helper, while others have signed up for OpenAI’s models because of ChatGPT. Website creator Wix has its new Wix AI Text Creator, while graphic design platform Canva is offering an AI writing assistant called Magic Write. The demand for generative AI meeting summaries and guidance has also seen create its own new AI assistant named OtterPilot.

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