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Microsoft Restricts Then Relaxes Bing’s Generative AI Chat Limits Over 4 Days

Microsoft walked back limits imposed on the new Bing generative AI chat feature less than a week after first imposing them. The five turns and 50 chats per day limit set over the weekend climbed to six turns and 50 chats by midweek, with standard Bing searches no longer included in the total.

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The restrictions were imposed after stories of bizarre and inappropriate conversational responses from the “Sydney” AI started flooding in. The company didn’t expect people to have hours o conversation with the AI chatbot, and the model began following some very strange pathways, including downright stalker-like declarations of love. Microsoft also said longer conversations will return but that it wants to make sure they are “responsibly” reinstated.

“These long and intricate chat sessions are not something we would typically find with internal testing. In fact, the very reason we are testing the new Bing in the open with a limited set of preview testers is precisely to find these atypical use cases from which we can learn and improve the product,” Microsoft explained in a blog post.  “We intend to bring back longer chats and are working hard as we speak on the best way to do this responsibly. The first step we are taking is we have increased the chat turns per session to 6 and expanded to 60 total chats per day. Our data shows that for the vast majority of you this will enable your natural daily use of Bing.”

The limits aren’t set in stone, as the tech giant teased a 100-chat daily cap for Bing’s AI in the future. For those who don’t like Bing’s loquacious language, users will be able to alter the AI’s tone for a “precise” personality that sticks to direct answers. Users who like the chatterbox aspect can pick the “creative” tone, with a “balanced” tone option for everyone else.

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