1 Jamie Bosch VoiceMod Co-Founder and CEO

Voicemod CEO Jaime Bosch on Voice Changers, Audio Expression, and More – Voicebot Podcast Ep 334

At the beginning [Voicemod] was more focused on…an audio expeirencew with your voice that allowed you to create a piece [of content]. The first version of Voicemod wasn’t social…It wasn’t AI at that time. It was DSP…You create this piece that you afterwards could share.

For us, what really changed the game was when we understood that this was a self-expression tool that people wanted to use in social environments to really communicate with other people. That was when we did Voicemod social and we focused on creating self-expression audio experiences for our users…

The product-market fit was that plus narrowing the value propostion on the gaming space. Not only understanding what the value proposition for the user was, but also what the context was; so, the context,  where the user was and where those conversations were happening and then crafting a value propsotion that fit that context and that purpose. That was the time of product-market fit and also I’d say product-timing fit.

Voicemod is a pioneer in audio self-expression. The company is best known for its real-time voice changer technologies that are popular in the gamer communities, where users can sound like a cartoon character, a movie actor, another gender, or anything you can imagine. The product’s capabilities and popularity extends to other use cases as well, including use for recorded speech, sound bed generation, and other audio elements.

Jaime Bosch is CEO and co-founder of Voicemod, founded in 2014. Voicemod raised $14 million in February 2023 and is currently riding a new wave of interest brought on by the rise in generative AI. However, the company’s user base growth began well before ChatGPT. Pre-pandemic, the company had 5 million users. Post-pandemic, that number was 25 million. Today Voicemod has 40 million users.

Bosch walks through the evolution of the product, including the shift from DSP to AI technology and today’s hybrid solution. In addition, he shares details about the two moments of product market fit and how AI is enabling a new era of audio self-expression.

Jaime Bosch Interview – Show Notes Voicemod






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