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Synthetic Voice Startup Voicemod Raises $14.5M

Augmented audio startup Voicemod has closed a $14.5 million Series A funding round led by K Fund.  Voicemod is known for synthetic voice generation, both from scripts and as a real-time speech-to-speech converter.

Voicemod Money

Voicemod’s catalog of voices combines speech-to-speech translation and synthetic voice generation to convert what a user says into their chosen voice almost as soon as the words leave their lips.  The company acquired Text-to-Song startup Voctro Labs back in December, which allows users to pick a tune and AI singing voice and then replace the original lyrics. That acquisition followed a full year of cap off a year of growth and new features for Voicemod. The startup added PowerPitch technology to up the realism of altered voices, launched the Voicemod Developer Kit to third-party software and hardware developers, and licensed voices from the Angry Birds franchise, rapper ODB, and the Trailer Park Boys. The startup then released its real-time voice conversion tool and soon scored a deal to bring them to people chatting while playing games hosted by Chinese tech giant Tencent.

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