1 Podcast July 2023 Peter Isaacs Maaike Groenewege, Tom Hewitson, Karen Kaushansky

The Evolution of Conversation Design in the ChatGPT Era Part 1 – Voicebot Podcast Ep 336

How are ChatGPT and the rise of large language models impacting conversation designs and designers? Today, in Part 1 of our series on conversation design, we have four experts in the field weighing in on how the profession is changing and what designers should be thinking about. Joining me today in a series of one-on-one interviews are:

  • Maaike Groenewege is an independent conversation designer and the creator of Convocat. She is currently the conversation design lead, prompt engineer, and NLU trainer at a U.S.-base stealth-stage startup. Groenewege has worked for 25 years as a designer, linguist, and technical writer.
  • Tom Hewitson is the founder and CEO of Labworks.io, a webby-award winning conversation design studio and one of the leading voice-first game studios. Hewitson is a former journalist, content strategist at Facebook, and digital editor for Lonely Planet. He is also a lecturer at City University London and the organizer of the Unparsed Conference on conversation design.
  • Peter Isaacs is the senior conversation design advocate at Voiceflow. He was previously a conversation designer at WooliesX, a division of Woolworths Group in Australia.
  • Karen Kaushansky has been a conversation designer for 27 years. She is currently a Staff Conversation Designer at Google, and led the design for Google Watch.

Join the Conversation Design Knowledge Train at Unparsed

The Unparsed Conference on conversation design is coming up later in July 2023 in London and online. If you use the code VOICEBOT, you get two tickets for the price of one. That applies to the in-person and online conference tickets. Definitely try to join online if you can’t make it to London. It is a great speaker lineup. You can sign-up at https://bit.ly/unparsed2023.

The Evolutions of Conversation Design Show Notes – Groenewege, Hewitson, Isaacs, Kaushansky






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