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Generative AI News – AI Search Metrics, Market Growth Data, Marvel, Oracle, Amazon, Inflection & More – Voicebot Podcast Ep 335

The Generative AI News (GAIN) rundown this week was recorded on June 29, 2023. Some special segments include:

  • Generative AI search metrics compare wait time and word production per answer for Bing Chat, Perplexity, and Google SGE.
  • The venture capital and acquisition funding fountain flowed again with a giant acquisition, financing rounds for CalypsoAI, Loora, and investment by Amazon and the UK’s NHS.
  • We also give you a new list of generative AI winners and losers of the week.

Generative AI News

Links related to the top stories are included below for anyone that wants to dig deeper into a topic.

Top Story of the Week

Generative AI Funding Fountain

Generative AI Product Garden

Big Brands in Generative AI Land

More About GAIN

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Generative AI News Rundown 21 – Show Notes June 29, 2023






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