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Inflection AI Rolls Out In-House LLM Behind Generative AI Chatbot Pi to Compete With OpenAI, Meta, and Google

Inflection AI is making the foundational large language model powering its generative AI chatbot Pi, called Inflection-1, as an API for use by other businesses. The startup is pitching its LLM as a rival to those built by Meta, OpenAI, and Google and ran tests claiming to prove that Inflection-1 generally outperforms those other models.

Inflection-1 AI

Inflection built its LLM to design an emotionally intelligent AI conversationalist that can replicate empathy and human emotion. The startup built all of the AI tools in-house from start to finish, a goal for Inflection’s founders Mustafa Suleyman and Reid Hoffman, who had some experience with the need for integrating technology into other services as co-founders of DeepMind and LinkedIn, respectively. The Inflection-1 LLM is behind Pi, short for Personal Intelligence, the generative AI chatbot built by Inflection and available online and in a mobile app

Inflection tested their LLM with the Massive Multitask Language Understanding (MMLU) benchmark for examining knowledge in 57 subjects and difficulties. The results have Inflection-1 beating some versions of other major LLMs, including Meta’s LLaMA, OpenAI’s GPT 3.5, and Google’s PaLM 540B, particularly when it comes to trivia questions.

“Inflection-1 was trained using thousands of NVIDIA H100 GPUs on a very large dataset. Our team has been able to take advantage of our end-to-end pipeline to develop a number of proprietary technical advances that have enabled these results. This technical memo summarizes our evaluations and compares our performance against other LLMs,” Inflection explained in a blog post. “The memo shows that Inflection-1 is the best model in its compute class, outperforming GPT-3.5, LLaMA, Chinchilla, and PaLM-540B on a wide range of benchmarks commonly used for comparing LLMs. This is an achievement we are proud of, having started Inflection just over a year ago. We expect dramatic improvements in the coming months as we continue to scale and innovate to deliver on our mission to build the most capable and safe AI products, accessible to millions of users.”

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