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Generative AI News Rundown 3 – Bing Boomerang, OpenAI Foundry, GitHub Copilot, Roblox and More – Voicebot Podcast Ep 302

Welcome to our third edition of GAIN, the generative AI news rundown. On tap today, we lead off with the Bing Boomerang. After some negative press about Bing Chat Mode going off the rails, Bing put some tight restrictions on usage to reduce the risk of generating inappropriate content. Then it reversed itself a few days later.

OpenAI Foundry is a new set of tools for enterprise users, GitHub Copilot got an update with new code completion and info security features. In addition, we saw Huggingface partner with Amazon Web Services to host generative AI models and Roblox outlined a generative AI future for game developers.

Eric Schwartz of Voicebot.ai is the lead host this week, while Michal Stanislawek of #voicelunch, Utter.one, and Hearme.ai, joins him as co-host. The show was originally broadcast live on YouTube and LinkedIn, and we added it to the Voicebot Podcast for your convenience. You can also watch the show recording on YouTube.







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