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Chandra Khatri CTO of Got-It AI on Automated Truth Checking and Generative AI – Voicebot Podcast Ep 301

We want to enable users to make them more efficient. And if you provide wrong information, of course, it goes against their brand. That is where we realized truth checker is the thing which will be required. It’s not just a model which will tell you correct or incorrect. It is a suite of models which identifies if the information is presented in the right format…The moment you think about deployment, the first thing that comes in, which not many people have thought about, is Truth Checker. You need to verify if the information is right or wrong. In fact, that is the reason why, predominantely, everyone has stayed away from it. ChatGPT came out. Everyone was excited. Let’s do it. They did their analysis and came back and said, ‘not for voice agents’ [for customer support] because it needs to be accurate; it hallucinates. That’s where we came in. The idea is that to enable these generative LLMs to provide provide ChatGPT-like experience for enterprise, it needs to be accurate.

Chandra Khatri is CTO and co-founder of Got-It AI, a company that built an AI that builds conversational AI solutions. It can ingest existing conversation data and automatically generate an intent model and conversation flows that designers can edit in a no-code platform. That same technology was more recently applied to checking the output of GPT-3. Known as CheckGPT or Truth Checker, it verifies the truthfulness of large language model outputs, one of the key concerns of enterprise users of generative AI.

Khatri earned a master’s degree in machine learning in 2015 and took that knowledge to eBay, where he implemented a generative AI solution for automatically creating product listings. He then went to work in Amazon’s Lab126, where he was a founding team member that launched the Alexa Prize.

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