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Generative AI News Rundown 2 – Bing Goes Wild, Google Bard Code Red, and More – Voicebot Podcast Ep 300

Voicebot.ai and Synthedia teamed up to produce a weekly show called the Generative AI News Rundown. The week of February 13th was busy on the Generative AI News (GAIN) front. Topics include Microsoft Bing’s early success and misadventures, Google Bard testing ramps up inside of Google, new generative AI enterprise solutions from Jasper AI and Veritone, and how large language models will change web browsing.

Eric Schwartz from Vociebot.ai joined me for a live discussion about the generative AI news of the week. We put this week’s stories in context, discuss new developments since reporting on these topics in Voicebot and Synthedia, and react to comments and questions from the live audience. The show was originally broadcast live on YouTube and LinkedIn, and we added it to the Voicebot Podcast for your convenience. You can also watch the show recording on YouTube.

Generative AI News Rundown – Show Notes Feb 17, 2023

  • Bing Goes Wild – The Implications of Bing Chat’s Misadventures in Language
  • Bard Code Red – Google goes all-in with employees testing Bard
  • Enterprise Gen AI – Jasper AI goes from writing assistant to enterprise API, while Veritone introduces two new generative AI solutions for HR and media
  • The Future of Web Browsing – Announcements from Opera and Yext are more evidence that web browsing and SEO practices are about to change






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