Veritone Releases Generative AI Features to Fuel Entertainment and Advertising

Enterprise synthetic media developer Veritone has augmented its platform with generative AI for business services. The new Veritone Generative AI enables businesses to employ large language models fine-tuned to an industry or brand, joining the recent frenzy for adding generative AI to professional service platforms. Clients can leverage the LLMs to generate multi-lingual text and audio content for sports and entertainment as well as internal communications within an organization.

Veritone Generative AI

Veritone is best known for the enterprise services provided by its aiWare platform, including audio and video transcription processing and analysis. The addition of generative AI enables businesses to incorporate LLMs trained to understand their industry and particular enterprise. That customized AI can then assist with creating public-facing and internal content. On the content development front, advertising and entertainment brands who need to create content and widen access to it can employ generative AI to produce images and text for advertisements and translate shows and any related marketing content into multiple languages.

Veritone’s sports broadcasting clients are already using Veritone’s generative AI through the can use generative AI with the Opta Voice service built in a partnership with Stats Perform. Connecting an LLM with game data allows broadcasters to produce game previews, real-time game commentary, and post-game analysis. Veritone’s existing software can turn that text into audio in multiple languages.

“The Veritone team is creating new ways for fans to access game data in real-time, and with Veritone Generative AI they are enhancing the entire interactive experience for games,” said Stats Perform Chief Revenue Officer Steve Xeller. “Interactivity and personalization are transforming fan engagement for sports and we are thrilled to continue to partner with Veritone.”

Generative Enterprise

Veritone clients have also begun using Veritone’s generative AI to upgrade business operations. Law enforcement clients are using the new tech for sharing and summarizing recommendations and policy updates, while others are creating AI-powered recruiters and interviewers for potential job candidates. Veritone’s generative AI plans go hand-in-hand with its expanding synthetic voice offerings. The speech recognition technology that came with the acquisition of Speechmatics and the synthetic speech models from buying Vocalid led to the platform, which streamlines the creation and licensing of digital voices. Veritone’s synthetic voice projects now include translating iHeartMedia podcasts and voicing animated celebrities in personalized video messages for Cameo Kids.

“We are excited to see the business community and individuals start to adopt and appreciate the magnitude of generative AI,” Veritone CEO Ryan Steelberg said. “Veritone is leading the enterprise charge in this space. Our broad and diverse customer base, who have been benefiting from our aiWARE platform and technologies, will have immediate and integrated support for this new class of generative AI models, helping to increase efficiency and productivity, reduce costs and open up new opportunities for growth. We will continue investing in this exciting area to make AI accessible, scalable and affordable for every organization.”

The avalanche of new enterprise-level generative AI  in recent weeks is hard to measure, encompassing businesses of every size and industry focus. Website developers who want AI-generated content can turn to the new Wix AI Text Creator, while brands looking for ChatGPT-level customer service conversations can look to Yext’s new Yext Chat system or the upgraded Gupshup and LivePerson platforms. That said, Veritone’s description of its generative AI shares more similarities with Jasper and its new Jasper for Business enterprise tools and API, which also combines internal and external-facing content.

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