Veritone Launches Synthetic Speech Generator for Celebrities and Influencers

Voice and AI developer Veritone has launched a new way of crafting synthetic voices for celebrities and brands. The platform streamlines the creation and licensing of digital voices for whatever purpose the creators choose.

DIY Digital Voice leverages Veritone’s voice tech to turn audio recordings into an algorithm capable of saying things in their voice that they never recorded. Once the voice is generated, the platform has several tools for turning it into a licensable package, complying with the law and monetized to earn on behalf of its creator. The brands and services that contract for the voice from’s library can then use it as befits their project, getting it to read out a script and allowing for ‘direction’ of the emotion in the voice. The platform can even translate the voice into other languages, giving the spokesperson multilingual talents they don’t normally possess.

“Veritone is a natural extension of our expertise in artificial intelligence, digital content licensing and audio advertising,: Vertione president Ryan Steelberg said. “By offering the most advanced synthetic voice models and supporting both text-to-speech and speech-to-speech processes, Veritone is setting the standard for the synthetic content ecosystem. Whether you’re a media company, brand, or an influencer, celebrity or athlete, the ability to easily create custom, authentic voices means that Veritone is a true game-changer for the media and entertainment industries.”

Synthetic Reality

Veritone is best known for its aiWare enterprise services, including audio and video transcription processing for analysis. Synthetic voices are a new but very profitable arena for the firm, but one with a lot of competition. For instance, Replica Studios recently debuted a desktop app designed to speed up integrating synthetic speech into films and video games. Plenty of startups, such as Resemble AI and Supertone are raising funding rounds and partnering with celebrities to market synthetic voices, and digital voice interface creator ReadSpeaker is augmenting SoundHound’s Houndify voice AI platform to sound more lifelike. The advances in synthetic speech technology mean even free, limited tools can produce impressive results like this fan-made trailer for Skryim voiced solely by AI. The tech giants aren’t ignoring the space either. Amazon’s voice synthesis tech has already turned Alexa into Samuel L. Jackson and given KFC Canada’s Alexa skill the voice of Colonel Sanders. Microsoft’s Custom Neural Voice service, meanwhile, has made AI versions of everyone from Bugs Bunny to Flo from Progressive Insurance, and Google is producing artificial voices for call centers.


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