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LivePerson Adds ChatGPT’s Generative AI Model to Customer Service Bot Platform

Enterprise conversational AI provider LivePerson has augmented its Conversational Cloud platform with generative AI, incorporating the same large language model (LLM) created by OpenAI to make ChatGPT. The upgrades are designed to enhance the conversational AI used by LivePerson’s clients for customer service and other business needs.

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LivePerson plans to make generative AI a central feature throughout its platform. The company will integrate the LLM into the databases that inform the chatbots employed by some of its clients. The generative AI will also be a facet of its Conversation Assist feature, which keeps the chatbots up-to-date on the correct answers provided to customers. LivePerson’s behind-the-scenes tools will also apply generative AI to enable businesses to see summaries of conversations, fill out forms, and update customer information during and after their discussions with the branded chatbot. The collected data will then help train future AI systems, building on the interactions LivePerson’s Conversational Cloud handles, numbering more than six billion last year. The company claims many of its clients already rely on its AI to run nearly half of their contact center interactions.

“With the debut of ChatGPT’s LLM and other Generative AI technologies driving intense public interest in AI capabilities, enterprise brands are scrambling to leverage them in conversational experiences to generate better business outcomes,” LivePerson CEO Rob LoCascio said. “While these models are incredibly exciting, they also pose serious safety, security, and ethics challenges, especially in regulated industries. Selecting partners that can help manage these risks while delivering the most benefit from Generative AI will quickly become a business imperative for all kinds of enterprises.”

LivePerson has been building up its conversational AI portfolio at an accelerating pace after starting to offer custom chatbots in 2018 after buying BotCentral and Conversable. The company’s focus on AI deepened with the acquisition of speech recognition customer service tech startups VoiceBase and Tenfold in 2021. Generative AI is a logical extension of LivePerson’s ambitions to offer its many thousands of clients the ability to provide natural-feeling conversations between customers and a brand.

For instance, enterprise conversational AI developer Gupshup recently introduced a chatbot builder based on GPT-3 called Auto Bot Builder. The platform applies GPT-3 and fine-tuned proprietary data to produce a conversational AI customized to specific businesses. Unlike ChatGPT, the Auto Bot platform allows for specialized knowledge databases. LivePerson and Gupshup will likely have plenty of fellow travelers soon, thanks to Microsoft’s latest multi-billion dollar investment into OpenAI and broader integration of its technology on the Azure platform.

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