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Metaphysic Will De-Age Tom Hanks and Robin Wright in Robert Zemeckis Film ‘Here’

Synthetic media creator Metaphysic will transform Tom Hanks and Robin Wright into younger versions of themselves in the upcoming Robert Zemickis-directed film Here. The Miramax movie will be the first demonstration of the company’s new Metaphysic Live product, which performs real-time hyperreal face alterations like de-aging and removes the need to do post-production VFX editing to achieve those effects, according to Metaphysic.

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Metaphysic’s ability to keep a consistent change to facial features as the performers move and speak relies on automated dataset processing and optimization tools that can work for high-resolution films. Technical improvements led to a particular ability to de-age and otherwise transform people’s faces, which led to the 2021 launch of Metaphysic’s website where users can see how they look at different ages. For Here, Metaphysic is using models trained on images of the performers when they were younger, as well as data created with generative AI. The result makes it possible to create younger versions of Hanks’ and Wrights’ faces that can match their appearance decades ago, including the details of their expressions as they perform at up to 30 frames per second.

“I’ve always been attracted to technology that helps me to tell a story. With ‘Here,’ the film simply wouldn’t work without our actors seamlessly transforming into younger versions of themselves,” director Robert Zemeckis said in a statement. “Metaphysic’s AI tools do exactly that, in ways that were previously impossible! Having tested every flavor of face-replacement and de-aging technology available today, Metaphysic are clearly the global leaders in feature-quality AI content, and the perfect choice for this incredibly challenging, emotional film.”

As part of its long-term movie plans, Metaphysic is partnering with Creative Artists Agency (CAA) to create more generative AI tools. Metaphysic Live, which Here is the first to use. Awareness and interest in employing deepfake AI tools have risen in recent years. The creators of South Park launched the deepfake AI studio Deep Voodoo, which recently raised $20 million, and deepfake media stars are the center of the new British show Deep Fake Neighbour Wars. Metaphysic has been building its presence in the entertainment industry since it first drew attention for its deepfake Tom Cruise. The company took fourth place in the most recent season of America’s Got Talent (AGT), concluding by bringing a synthetic version of Elvis Presley to the stage.

“Metaphysic is rapidly expanding the creative horizons of Hollywood and beyond. Our tools are cost-effective, movie-quality and scalable – we are being forced to reimagine how visual media is produced,” Metaphysic CEO Thomas Graham said. “With the support of CAA and by working on projects like “Here,” Metaphysic is demonstrating the transformative power of hyperreal AI to shape the future of entertainment and to eventually help people create AI-generated, photorealistic immersive content while they own and control their data.”

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