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Andrei Papancea CEO of NLX on Conversational Experiences, Customer Self-Service, and GPT-3 – Voicebot Podcast Ep 299

For us, it is very important whenever we integrate anything is that we give our customers control. Obviously, when it comes to the GPT-3s and ChatGPTs and any type of large language model-driven AI, those guardrails are quite important. I’ve been on a little bit of a speaking tour with some our largest customers over the past couple of weeks, walking them through what the integration is but then also putting out the disclaimers and the yellow flags of ‘Hey, here are some controls you can put in place. You can specify, for instance, exclusions and topics…don’t do this and don’t do that,’ which can be easily digestible by an end user. But then also showing them that the open-endedness of what you might get back could be detrimental to one’s brand. So, use it cautiously.

Andrei Papancea co-founded NLX in 2018 to solve some of the problems he faced as a software engineer working on natural language understanding at American Express. He worked extensively with designers and analysts that could not make improvements to customer self-service and conversational support channels without engaging software engineers to hardcode the changes. He was confident that you could build conversational systems that enabled non-technical users to make these changes.

In addition, he was particularly interested in how conversational systems could be married with visual channels on the web and mobile to deliver even better customer self-service solutions employing multimodal experiences. These ideas led to NLX, which is used by companies ranging from Copa Airlines to Red Bull.

More recently, NLX integrated with GPT-3 to provide users with generative AI solutions to augment conversational customer experiences. He stopped by the Voicebot Podcast to discuss the origins of the company and how things have changed with NLX clients since the introduction of ChatGPT. He also explains how NLX’s new GPT-3-powered features work, where to be cautious, and how he expects adoption to play out.

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